Our Process

The GW Murphy process is one rooted in experience, resourcefulness, integrity and sweat. We acquire roofing materials from a variety of sources. We do carry several products with manufacturer’s warranty or items that are sold with original brand name or packaging. However, much of our inventory is material that we handle and produce within one of our processing centers.

With over 40 years of experience in the roofing industry and having dealt with nearly every major manufacturer, GW Murphy has a most unique advantage over all other roofing material brokers. When a manufacturer is needing to liquidate their slow moving, obsolete, distressed or off-spec inventory we offer them distinct brand protection.

Our process also has several advantages for those purchasing the materials. Once a product has gone through one of our processing centers there is a higher degree of certainty that the customer will be receiving a functionally sound and consistent product. This eliminates much of the waste and leads to more satisfied, repeat customers for those selling our materials.

Through much hard work and intentional focus on long-lasting relationships with manufacturers and customers the GW Murphy process has established a strong reputation within the market that is unique from all other roofing material brokers. The integrity of brand protection separates us for manufacturers. While customer satisfaction is built upon the opportunity to specify the exact material you will receive on each pallet.